Check the Blue Book to See Whether Your Disability Qualifies

What Types of Disabilities Qualify Me for SSI or SSDI Benefits?

The Social Security Administration (“SSA”) turns to its “Blue Book” in order to answer this question. The SSA’s Blue Book (available to view on the SSA’s website) provides just about anything a healthcare provider can know about evaluating a person’s disabilities for disability benefits. It contains the type of medical evidence that doctors and other providers can submit, and it includes listings for adults and children of the disabilities that qualify for disability benefits.

Under the adult listings portion of the Blue Book, you will find 14 different sections that cover a wide range of disabilities and illnesses. Section titles include “Digestive System,” “Skin Disorders” and “Impairments that Affect Multiple Body Systems.” The Blue Book provides definitions under each section of what exactly the SSA considers to be a disability. For example, under “Cardiovascular System,” the Blue Book defines “cardiovascular impairment” to be “any disorder that affects the proper function of the heart or the circulatory system…” To learn more about determining whether your disability meets the SSA’s criteria, assistance is available from a Tulsa Oklahoma Social Security disability lawyer.

Periodically, the SSA adds to its Blue Book disabilities listing. Last summer, the SSA added new endocrine disorders to its listing. These disorders affect the way that the endocrine system produces hormones, which, when out of balance, can cause a wide range of medical problems.

Until April 13 last week, the SSA was receiving comments from the public regarding updates to its Blue Book disabilities listing regarding vision disorders. The changes under discussion will largely serve to make the vision process a bit easier. The changes involve providing more explanations of how the SSA evaluates vision problems and moving the location of several tables to help medical providers in evaluating vision disorders.

Have you sought disability benefits for a disorder not included in the Social Security Blue Book?

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