Celebrities, Social Security Team Up to Promote Online Use

One of the Social Security Administration’s (“SSA”) plans to save money is to move towards eventually an entirely electronic/online way of evaluating applicants and delivering benefits. This move requires internet access and a checking account, as most applicants will have to receive debit cards or funds via electronic funds transfer (“ETF”) instead of paper checks.

To preach the benefits of the move to paperless as well as to provide information on how to use these resources, the SSA has teamed up with actress Patty Duke and actor George Takei to direct applicants to the SSA’s website to apply for retirement or disability benefits, as well as a number of other government services such as Medicare. Disabled workers interested in applying for Social Security benefits may wish to speak to a Tulsa Social Security lawyer.

In their advertisements, Duke and Takei emphasize that the online site is for everyone. The two speak about the ease and security of taking care of Social Security business online. This is one area many seniors are concerned about, since they may feel less comfortable transmitting sensitive personal information like Social Security numbers than others who have grown accustomed to using the internet. Increasing numbers of Americans are taking advantage of the online process, with 2 million applying for benefits online in 2010.

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