Can You Collect Disability If You Have Psoriasis?

Did you know that there are more than 7.5 million Americans currently living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis? The conditions affect patches of a person’s skin, causing it to become white and scaly, and unfortunately, for many victims, they develop severe inflammation and lesions. Bag with benefits

Sadly, the Social Security Administration does not have a listing for psoriasis when it comes to collecting Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI); however, it does have a dermatitis listing that can be used as a guide to determining eligibility.

Under this category, a person may be able to collect SSDI if he or she can prove that the skin condition makes it difficult to move, and that his or her condition limits the use of more than one extremity. Additionally, a person may be able to collect SSDI if skin lesions on his or her palms make it impossible for him or her to do work utilizing his or her hands.

A person suffering from psoriatic arthritis may also be able to collect SSDI if he or she can show that the condition causes severe joint dysfunction.

Can I Collect Disability Benefits for My Skin Condition?

In many SSDI cases involving skin conditions, the Social Security Administration will expect that an applicant can do sedentary jobs, even if he or she cannot perform the physical demands required of various forms of labor. The SSA may take into account the amount of time you can stand and/or sit if you apply for benefits.

The SSA uses a residual functional capacity (“RFC”) gauge, which is a description of your functional limitations, in addition to your age, your education and skills that you have learned in past jobs, when you apply for benefits.

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