Can SSDI Help People Who Are Unemployed?

Disability Scoop reports that despite job growth in the general population in November, the unemployment rate for people with disabilities actually increased. Photo of man in wheelchair

According to the news source, the jobless rate for Americans with disabilities was 12.1 percent in November. The data comes from U.S. Department of Labor reports.

The unemployment numbers for those with disabilities increased steeply from the 10.5 percent reported the during October. Disability Scoop noted that the numbers show that “fewer people with disabilities were employed and more sought to join the workforce.”

Among the general population, during November, the unemployment rate remained the same at 5 percent and overall, the country added 211,000 jobs. The numbers come as a surprise to many disability advocates, who were expecting a slight decrease in unemployment numbers due to seasonal positions being added for the holiday period.

The data for people with disabilities includes those who are over the age of 16 who do not live in institutions.

If I Cannot Find Work Due to My Disabilities, Can I Apply for SSDI?

We hope the economy turns around at some point for people with disabilities. Unemployment and disabilities is a tough subject, especially for people who are looking to obtain government benefits while awaiting a potential job.

To collect Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), a person must show that his or her condition is expected to last longer than a year or may result in death. This means that many people who are actively seeking employment with disabilities technically may not qualify for SSDI, since they may be able to function in a work environment. Some of these folks may want to look into Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

For individuals who have been out of work for long periods and whose conditions are severe, they may qualify for SSDI. The process is very stringent—if you have questions about applying for SSDI benefits, make sure you seek legal guidance. Additionally, visit our Social Security FAQ page.

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