Can I Receive Medicare and Social Security Disability Following a Stroke?

As a part of National Stroke Awareness Month, the Winston-Salem Journal recently published an article regarding strokes, including information about whether stroke victims can qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Medicare for a disability.

Are Stroke Victims Eligible for SSDI and Medicare for a Disability?

If people have disabilities that prevent them from being able to work, SSDI can provide for them in several ways, including helping them cover rent or mortgage payments, food costs and other basic expenses. However, those with disabilities often require additional medical treatment. Therefore, having quality medical insurance is essential.

Unfortunately, if people with disabilities cannot work, then they will not have access to employer provided health insurance unless their spouse works or they are a child or dependent and their parent or guardian works. Therefore, in many cases, people with disabilities will need Medicare to cover their medical expenses. Generally, if people receive SSDI benefits, then following a waiting period they will be eligible for Medicare. Per the report in the Winston-Salem Journal, in most cases, people with disabilities who receive SSDI must wait around 29 months from the onset of their disability to be eligible for Medicare.

How to Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits and Medicare

In the following video, Tulsa disability attorney Steve Troutman discusses the process of qualifying for Social Security disability benefits, Medicaid and Medicare.

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