How Can I Prepare to File for Disability?

Disability is one of those subjects most Americans don’t like talking about. However, many people in this country will someday sustain a disabling injury or impairment, and if this happens our government is prepared to help. The Social Security Administration (SSA) helps people with disabilities who can no longer work due to their impairment, but the process can be hard and long. To keep the process of applying for Social Security disability insurance from dragging on, here are a few things you can do.

How to Prepare to File for Disability

  • Have your medical records ready to go. The SSA is going to have many questions and it’s going to want some proof. Medical records from the doctors who confirmed your condition is the strongest evidence you can have.
  • See your doctor regularly. As we said earlier, medical records are important. If you don’t see a doctor then they can’t confirm that something is wrong, so go see your doctor, keep your regularly scheduled appointments and record when you go to these appointments.
  • Write down what medications you are taking. Your medications are generally recorded in your medical records, but just in case something is missing, you should be prepared to answer questions about what medications were prescribed to you.
  • The when is just as important as the why. That means that you will also need confirm when you left work for the last time, and when your condition became disabling. This is important because it helps the SSA determine if your condition keeps you from working, and it will tell case workers if you are owed back pay from before your application was approved.

Having these details ready to go when you apply for Social Security disability insurance can go a long way toward making your claims process smooth. However, there are even more details that you are going to need help with. Stick with your Tulsa disability attorneys and read our blog to find out more about the finer points of applying for government disability benefits.

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