Can People With Disabilities Learn To Fly?

They say the closest any human being can get to actually flying is skydiving. However, if you have a disability, this sensation may have been cut off to you. Well, not anymore!

Can People With Disabilities Learn To Fly?

Photo of man getting doctor treatmentDown the road from Tulsa, in the bustling capital of our state—Oklahoma City—people with disabilities get to fly. A local business—iFly Indoor Skydiving—held an All Abilities Night on July 18th. So for $50, people with disabilities got to feed their appetites for adventure despite their wheelchair or missing appendage.

One amputee, who lost her legs in an auto-pedestrian collision, was excited for the event to begin. She was told by doctors that she would never be able to do anything like skydiving again. However, she is a fighter, and so she got involved in All Abilities Night and left her limitations behind. She hopes that events like this will keep inspiring other people to seek adventures like she has.

The opportunities for people with disabilities to get out and enjoy life are growing each and every day. From the Paralympics in Rio to our own local Endeavor Games, adaptive sports are everywhere. Now we can add skydiving to the list of things that you can still do even if you have a disability.

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