Can My Skills Prevent Me From Gaining Benefits?

The purpose of education, job training and other similar programs is to give you skills that will help you perform your job effectively and safely. In some situations, the person might learn skills that go beyond simply completing daily tasks, skills that can be used in other jobs and situations. In many cases, people who gain these skills through training are able to get better jobs, often ones that require less physical activity and more of a supervisor role. However, these skills may make it more difficult to gain benefits if you are disabled.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) may deny disability benefits applicants who have transferable skills, because those skills could be used to gain employment that a person with a disability could perform. Transferable skills can include:

  • Supervising other workers and tasks
  • Teaching or training employees
  • Processing, organizing and compiling information
  • Assembling or using complex parts and tools

Just because you may have accumulated transferable skills while working does not mean that the SSA is going to automatically deny you for benefits. It does mean that the SSA will evaluate your disability as it compares to any transferable skills you might have. Some disabilities prevent highly skilled workers from holding a job, but some do not. The SSA will take into account any medical limitations you might have as a result of your disability to gauge whether or not you can use your skills to gain employment.

If you are suffering from a disability or injury that prevents you from working, contact a Tulsa Social Security disability benefits attorney online or by phone at (918) 587-0050. We offer free consultations, so contact us today.

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