Can Your Help Make the World More Accessible for People with Disabilities?

Holding down a job when you also have a disability can be tough. A woman living in the Grouse Run Apartments in Oklahoma City understands this better than most people. She works as a nurse’s assistant despite a learning disability, but when hard times came knocking, she was afraid she could lose her home.

Do You Know How to Make the World More Accessible?

A few months ago, this nurse’s assistant was living alone and getting along just fine until family circumstances force her teenage son to move in with her. Everything seemed alright at first, but soon she was unable to pay her rent. The woman was scared that she was about to be evicted, so she packed up her things and prepared to move them into storage. She needn’t have worried.

The landlord at the Grouse Run Apartments saw that her normally punctual tenant was falling behind in her rent. Instead of evicting the woman, the landlord decided to get involved and see what was going on. She learned about her tenant’s situation, taking care of her teenage son and holding down a job despite a disability. She decided to enable her tenant and allow her the chance to catch up on her rent.

The kindness that this landlord showed her tenant was just what this nurse’s assistant needed to get her son situated and the rent back on track. Now, life for this family can continue forward, and it was all because one landlord decided to help instead of hinder.

This type of help can be effective in all sorts of situations, from learning a new job, to making ends meet at the end of the month. That’s why the Tulsa disability attorneys here at Troutman & Troutman are willing to help people overcome the obstacles involved in applying for disability benefits. We hope even more people will take the example of this generous landlord, and help spread that same helping spirit.


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