Can I Get SSDI Benefits For A Traumatic Brain Injury?

He worked for a department store chain for 21 years when a mannequin fell from a shelf and crashed into him. Coworkers rushed the man to the hospital—fearing the worst—but doctors were able to save him, and after medical treatment, brain scans and rehabilitation, he was eventually able to return home. However, the accident left him with a traumatic brain injury and returning to his job was now an impossibility.

Can I Get SSDI Benefits For A Traumatic Brain Injury?

A traumatic brain injury can cause many disabling symptoms. Depending on the injury, you could have a problem speaking or understanding speech. Some TBIs can make it harder to use your limbs, and some can give you tremors or seizures. When the Social Security Administration is determining if an applicant with a brain injury qualifies for disability benefits, it analyzes the person’s symptoms to see how severe their case may be.

The severity of a TBI will determine the benefits the SSA will award, so it is important to have the evidence ready when your case is reviewed. Collecting ER records, clinic notes from your doctors, medical scans and any other information from examinations related to your injury is critical. The department store worker experienced a loss in motor function and occasionally experiences slurred speech. These symptoms kept him from returning to his job, and now he relies on his Social Security Disability Insurance benefits to make ends meet.

How Can An Attorney Help My TBI Disability Claim?

The process for applying for SSDI is complicated and difficult. The system is built to weed out fraud before any benefits are given out, so having an attorney by your side can almost be a requirement in some cases. An attorney can make sure there are no mistakes on your paperwork, which can help prevent your application from languishing for months or even years.

The Tulsa disability attorneys at the Troutman & Troutman want to know you that March is Brain Injury Awareness Month—Remember, you don’t have to go it alone!


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