Billed Signed Offering New Social Security Disability Support Program

According to the Greeley Tribune, a bill sponsored by Rep. Jim Riesberg, D-Greeley, would help fund a disability benefits support program for individuals who have been declared disabled. The bill was signed into law by Govenor John Hickenlooper. According to Riesberg, too many disabled individuals feel that they no longer have options. The Democrat hopes the bill would be an innovative way to help fund the effort to reach out and empower disabled individuals to apply for benefits they’re entitled to.

The measure, House Bill 216, allows the state to auction personalized license plates that have been retired. Money raised from the sale of these plates will fund the creation of a disability support program, called Laura Hershey Memorial Disability Benefits Support Program. Through the program, individuals will receive education, direct assistance and advocacy. Individuals who are eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance, Supplemental Security Income will be able to enroll in the support program.

Meanwhile, Senator Herb Kohl said that every interest group should be fighting to prevent budget cuts to programs such as Medicare and Social Security. In order to balance the budget, each group should be willing to make sacrifices. Rather than making dramatic changes, Kohl said the Congress needs to find ways to make the program more efficient. Kohl supports the idea that the wealthiest Americans should not get tax cuts and that such breaks do not make sense when social programs are experiences trouble.

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