Baltimore City College Student Lawsuit Claims Disability Services were Denied

According to Baltimore Sun, on Wednesday, the mother of a former Sophomore of Baltimore’s City College, filed a lawsuit against the school claiming that her son had been denied disability services. The mother also claims that her son had been repeatedly suspended, expelled and arrested at the school and that proper procedure for these processes were not followed as required by the law.

The lawsuit, which was filed on February 9th, 2011,) names several people as the defendants including: city schools CEO Andres Alonso, the city school board, various officials at the offices of support, safety and suspension, former City College Principal Tim Dawson, city school police Chief Marshall T. Goodwin, two city school police officers and the current Assistant Principal, Dale J. Halterman.

The family is currently said to be seeking a minimum of $75k in the lawsuit. The lawsuit claims a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, claiming that there was negligence on the schools’ part. The mother claims that the school failed to enforce the laws that were made to protect handicapped students such as her son. She adds that the school had intentionally discriminated against the sophomore, punishing him for the various behaviors that are associated with his particular disability.

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