Baby Boomer‘s Facing Delayed Retirement

As Congress seeks to cut the deficit in a number or imaginative ways a proposal has been submitted to delay the retirement age. This action would put many baby boomers in the position of not being eligible for Social Security benefits at 62. At this time, that is the age when most Americans can retire with full benefits. The plan that has been submitted to the Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform calls for a rise in the retirement age indexed by longevity with the age going up to 67 by 2050 and 69 by 2075. Really, how many baby boomers are going to be alive in 2050 to get their retirement benefits?

Essentially this proposal has gotten baby boomers up in arms about the future generations because at this time the retirement age will only be rising by a year or two apparently. But the possibility of making the elderly population continue working past the reasonable age of retirement may lead to more of those workers applying for disability income which could quite possibly cause the increased disability costs to exceed the amount saved by delaying retirement.

Baby boomers may be experiencing the health problems related to aging as well as facing age discrimination. In this economy the unemployment rates keep climbing and when an older worker gets laid off or fired it is very difficult for them to find a new job.

The AARP reports that the members of the association are supportive of Congress’ attempt to lower the deficit and rein in spending, but believe that raising the wage cap would be a better alternative than delaying retirement.


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