Avoiding Unnecessary Delays for Disability Benefits

The timeline to obtain Social Security disability benefits can be lengthy, but there are things applicants can do to avoid unnecessary delays. If they work with a Tulsa Social Security disability lawyer and avoid common applicant missteps, SSDI applicants can avoid adding any further time to the already lengthy application process.

Some applicants attempt to file for SSDI benefits on their own, without the assistance of an experienced attorney. This is a mistake, as the SSDI process is complicated, particularly for those with no experience with the system. Those who file on their own, without any expert guidance, are more likely to have an SSDI judge or staff member deny their application.

Applicants help themselves and their attorneys by keeping thorough documentation of their work history, medical conditions and medical treatment records. These are all vital in the SSDI application process, and the better prepared an applicant is, the more convincing his or her case will appear to the SS person considering the application.

Applicants should share any dates or deadlines they receive with their attorney, particularly if the applicant has handled the first stage on his or her own. They have up to 60 days to appeal negative decisions and, if they miss the deadline, will have to start over from the beginning. A Tulsa social security disability attorney can help SSDI applicants make their best effort to receive benefits for their disabilities.

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