Athletes With Disabilities Endeavor To Compete

Photo of Vet in wheelchair.It was started in the year 2000, and now hundreds of athletes from all over the country come to it every year—we’re talking about the University of Central Oklahoma’s (UCO) Endeavor Games. However, there is something special about these athletes that you may not realize: they all live with disabilities.

Athletes With Disabilities Endeavor To Compete

Athletes with disabilities from all over the country come to Edmond every year to compete for glory and comradery. They battle it out in in 10 adaptive sports, but the real story is that they all come from several different walks of life.

  • One athlete served our country in Afghanistan, but his real fight didn’t begin until he came home. This veteran suffered shrapnel injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder, and a traumatic brain injury. Life as he knew it would never be the same, but instead of letting his situation bring him down, he instead got involved with adaptive sports. Through the companionship of other athletes, and his support dog, this athlete grew to have a much more positive outlook on life.
  • Another athlete, who was hit by an 18-wheeler, survived several grueling surgeries before doctors were finally forced to amputate his right leg. Doctors told him he would never walk again, let alone play sports, but this athlete defied the odds. He was fitted with a prosthetic limb, so now he can do incredible things like run and play basketball. This amazing athlete is also a competitor in UCO’s Endeavor Games.

Many of the Endeavor Game’s athletes took time out of their practice for the games and went to the Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital and to visit the patients. They shared their experiences and told stories about why it is important for people with disabilities to embrace their independence.

Sports can be a great way for people with disabilities to regain their independence, and your Tulsa disability attorneys want to spread that word. Keep following our blog to find out more about sporting events like the Endeavor Games, and contact us on Facebook and Twitter to share your stories of discovery and independence.


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