Are You Registered for #CripTheVote?

Veterans SalutingJuly 23rd—15 candidates for Oklahoma State Legislature gathered to meet Oklahomans with disabilities and their families. They were given the opportunity to explain their positions on the issues that matter to people with disabilities. And considering the state of Oklahoma’s disability programs, it was a topic that interests our entire community and the nation.

Are You Registered For #CripTheVote?

The budget crisis that we just narrowly avoided could have seen up to 25 percent of our state’s Medicaid funding dropped. This crisis was narrowly averted through shuffling the budget, but that only increased cuts on programs like Oklahoma’s disabilities services. This leaves the members of Oklahoma’s disability community at a financial tipping point. But not everyone is sitting by contentedly while the government seemingly abandons its citizens with disabilities.

Election season is fast approaching, and advocacy groups all over the nation are mobilizing. The American Association of People with Disabilities, Crip the Vote, and REV UP are all fighting to get more people with disabilities registered and voting. It is estimated that there are over 30 million people with disabilities who are eligible to vote. If theses advocates are successful, then real change could be brought to both our state and national governments. But first, more people have to hear the call.

Advocate Anastasia Somoza recently spoke regarding the rights of people with disabilities. She insisted that the community is not invisible, and that we must raise our voices to make sure the 56 million Americans with disabilities do not go unheard. That means that people with disabilities, their families, and their friends need to let their voices be heard at the poles. It’s time to #CripTheVote and make sure disability issues are recognized by our leaders!

A message brought to you by the disability attorneys at Troutman & Troutman—let’s make the country more accessible for everyone!


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