Applicant Representing Herself Fails to Get SSI for Daughter

Several recent posts have discussed the Social Security Administration’s (“SSA”) program for children to receive Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”) disability benefits. A Washington DC woman lost her appeal last week seeking SSI for her daughter who suffers from a chronic liver condition, so she will not be receiving disability benefits to ease the burden of caring for her daughter.

Her case demonstrates the pitfalls of applying for benefits without expert guidance – she represented herself at every stage of the proceeding. The woman had her daughter in 2003. Doctors diagnosed the little girl with biliary atresia, meaning that she suffers from persistent jaundice and liver damage as well as periods of vomiting and abdominal pain. The girl has received medical treatment since her birth and alternates between periods of health and problems related to her condition.

It might sound like the woman and her daughter are the type of applicants who could benefit from disability benefits, but the SSA and the courts of appeal have denied her application at every stage. They ruled that, despite the disease complications, it appeared that the girl was responding well to the treatment. They found the girl’s condition to be stable and determined the she did not meet the definition of disabled. Consequently, her mother would not receive benefits on her behalf. Tulsa Oklahoma SSI applicants should consider speaking to an attorney who specializes in this field to help them navigate the disability benefits application process.

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