Americans With Disabilities Lawsuit Settled With the Met

People with disabilities have equal opportunities to visit places and enjoy entertainment just as the rest of us. A federal lawsuit charged the Metropolitan Opera House with denying this right to Americans with disabilities. The federal lawsuit settled this week after the famous opera house agreed to make changes.

The lawsuit charged that the opera house discriminated against people with disabilities and had no facilities that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The Metropolitan Opera House is a cultural institution that receives tourists and American visitors.
The federal lawsuit claimed the opera house denied patrons with disabilities access and did not have proper emergency plans in place for disabled opera patrons.

As a part of the settlement, the Met agreed to install more wheelchair seating, accessible water fountains, Braille signs, renovated concession stands and bathrooms, and elevators that are more accessible.
Another part of the construction will eliminate barriers to allow easier elevator access. The very important emergency plan now includes safe and quick evacuation of disabled guests.

The total cost of the overhaul may be millions of dollars but more individuals will have a chance to enjoy this musical staple.

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