Air Travel Should Get Easier For People With Disabilities

According to the Associated Press (AP), there are some new rules in place for travelers with disabilities, making it easier for them to access airline websites.

The AP reported that airline websites must have core travel information and services must be accessible to the disabled within two years, and that all pages on airline websites must within three years be readily available to people with disabilities. This means that airlines are required to have adequate information for disabled travelers to make decisions about whether or not it can accommodate them.

The new regulations, required by the Department of Transportation, also require airline ticket agents to disclose web-based discount fares to customers unable to use their sites due to a disability. According to the AP, “Airlines and airports will also have to make accessible to the disabled automated kiosks providing boarding passes and baggage tags, as they purchase new equipment. If no new kiosks are installed, 25 percent of the kiosks currently at each airport location must be accessible within 10 years.”

We applaud these regulations—disabled citizens should have the same access to airlines and airports that the general population has. Traveling while disabled can be difficult, so making things easier, including streamlining the process, will be better for disabled people and their family members.

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