Acting Commissioner Colvin Discusses Importance of SSDI

Recently, Carolyn Colvin, acting Commissioner of the Social Security Administration (SSA), wrote a personal blog post on the agency’s website indicating her respect for its disability program.

Colvin mentioned how she works with the SSA because its programs impact people. She said that many times, Social Security has helped her during tough periods in her life.

“When my brother was diagnosed with a disability, Social Security provided him the financial and medical support to live independently,” Colvin wrote. “Today, I am grateful my brother has a decent quality of life because of the benefits he receives and his access to healthcare. When my mother was ill in her later years, her retirement benefits, and support from our family helped to cover her living expenses and healthcare. The help she received from our agency enabled her to have a good quality of life.”

She also discussed how the SSA helped her family when her son died at the age of 34, leaving behind four children. His survivor benefits helped the family following the loss.

“From retirement to disability, Social Security is there, providing benefits to children and families, and protection for the American worker,” Colvin wrote.

To access her blog post, you can click on the source link below.

How Does SSDI Help People Who Need Financial Security?

As we have mentioned numerous times in our blogs, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a financial bedrock for our country. In 2013, 8.9 million people received disabled-worker benefits from Social Security. Payments also went to 160,000 spouses and 1.9 million children. Without these payments, many families would be destitute.

Nobody plans to get sick or suffer injuries that leave them unable to work. When this occurs, SSDI can help by providing folks an income and support. Some people like to call SSDI an entitlement program, but it is not. In order to obtain benefits, you must have paid into the system.

If you have questions about SSDI eligibility requirements, you can visit our Social Security FAQ page. Our SSDI attorneys represent clients in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso and Bixby.



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