A Government Shutdown Would Affect Social Security Disability Insurance

According to the Daily Kos, a government shutdown of 2011 would severely impact the way Social Security Administration functions. Serving an important role to the public, the SSA is designated to pay Americans benefits such as Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income. After all, Americans count on benefits they are entitled to, and if they are disabled and unable to work, they no option but to wait on a monthly disability payment.

For the first time, all Social Security checks for May will be delivered electronically. However, there still may be delays. While less employees are required to run the electronic system, workers are still required to be present and make sure funds are processed in a timely fashion.

Last time around, a government shutdown furloughed 92 percent of the Social Security Administration’s staff. Three days later, the agency realized it did not have enough people to answer the phone for basic claim questions from citizens. It also had no staff to answer questions about change of address or other important disability payment dealings. The agency was forced to call back 49,000 of its 66,000 employees.

During a government shutdown, it is likely that new disability applications will not be processed. The application and evaluation process is long enough. Unfortunately, some disabled Americans may be forced to endure longer delays due to lawmakers bickering over budget cuts.

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