What Are the 6 Top Causes of Disability Claims?

xrays of different types of injuriesThe Social Security Administration has a list of health conditions that can qualify a person for Social Security disability insurance (SSDI). Many call this list the Blue Book, and though not every condition can be found in it, those that can may qualify you for benefits. Can you guess which of these conditions cause people to file claims the most?

The Top 6 Causes of Disability Claims

  1. Mental Illness—Our list starts with conditions such as depression and substance abuse. These conditions account for 8.3 percent of new disability claims, and they account for 7.7 percent of claims that are already being fulfilled.
  2. Physical Injuries—You might think that accidents, injuries and poisonings were higher up on the list, but they make up the number 5 spot. Only 10.3 percent of new claims are related to some form of injury and 7.7 percent account for current claims.
  3. Cancer—This disease is responsible for 15.1 percent of new claims and 9.1 percent of existing claims.
  4. Heart Disease—Hypertension and cardiac problems cause quite a few people to need disability benefits, but it doesn’t cause many new claims. Only 8.7 percent of new claims are related to heart problems, but 12.4 percent of existing claims do make this the number three claim reason.
  5. Spine and Nerve Disorders—Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s are examples of this claims category. It accounts for 7.7 percent of new claims and 15.2 percent of older current claims.
  6. Muscle, Back and Joint Conditions—This category includes back pain and arthritis. This claim group has a whopping 28.6 percent share of the new claims filed every year, and a 28.7 percent share of existing claims.

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