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Is Norman Ignoring the Voices of Oklahomans with Disabilities?

Oklahoma ADAPT members in the city of Norman are angry. At a members’ meeting at Progressive Independence this summer, the passionate but furious members stated that the city of Norman failed to completely include them in the recent Americans with Disabilities Act update. Did Norman Fail to Inform Oklahomans with Disabilities about the ADA Updates? According to members of OK Adapt who have disabilities, the contractor never met with stakeholders from the disability community to receive feedback, which is something that most studies and city updates are required to do and include. Some members allege that they schedule meetings in the afternoon purposefully when most of the members with disabilities cannot attend, due to limited public transportation. Other members believe that they only relied on a single person to speak for the entire disability community in Norman. Many members feel that they have an opinion, but they are never truly…
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