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Did You Know These Facts About Social Security Disability?

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about Social Security Disability. So, the Social Security Administration and disability attorneys all over the nation try to do their part to squash myths and rumors while informing the public of the facts. In that spirit, here are some details you may not have known about Social Security Disability. 3 Facts About Social Security Disability You May Not Have Known Where the Benefits Come From– Some would have you believe that the benefits from Social Security Disability are an entitlement handed out at the expense of the taxpayer, but that isn’t true. The benefits from the program are generated by the 12.4 percent payroll tax all working Americans pay. To qualify for benefits, you must have worked, and your survivors can only claim benefits based on your work. How Many People Are Covered– If you work, and have worked for the required…
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Will Oklahoma Be Forced to Continue ADvantage Waiver Program?

The ADvantage Waiver Program enables people with disabilities to live at home instead of living in an institution or nursing home. It enables an independent life for many, but with the budget problems the state of Oklahoma is having, this program has been threatened constantly. Is there anything that can be done to ensure the longevity of this vital service? Continuing the Oklahoma ADvantage Waiver Program By diverting Medicaid funds that would pay for nursing home and institutional care, the ADvantage program helps pay for in-home care services. Whether this is through aides, life alert, or meal delivery, many seniors and Oklahomans with disabilities rely on this program. Without it, they would be forced to move into nursing homes, yet in early November, participants received notice that the program would end December 1st. Governor Mary Fallin prevented this elimination of services by signing part of a budget bill that allowed…
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Are Aging Baby Boomers the Reason SSDI Claims Are Up?

After World War II, the United States experienced a booming period of economic success. As a result of that success, the population of our nation skyrocketed as families grew along with their success. This created an entire generation of Americans known as the baby boomers. Now that decades have passed, this generation is quickly approaching retirement age, but the country may not be ready for this, and the Social Security disability system may be the first place this weakness shows up. Are SSDI Claims Up Because of Aging Baby Boomers? Since 2002, the population of the U.S. has grown around 16 percent, but the number of people claiming disability has far exceeded this growth. In the same period of time, the number of disability recipients has increase to 8.7 million, which translates to a whopping 57 percent. So, what caused this increase disability claimants? Age is seen as the primary…
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