Tulsa Disability Attorney: Study Shows SSDI Vital for Families

According to the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives (NOSSCR), a study released by the Urban Institute (UI) showed how crucial Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is for American families.

The UI study titled “How Important Is Social Security Disability Insurance to U.S. Workers?” focused on how SSDI plays a vital role in the lives of workers with disabilities and their families.

According to the study, SSDI:

“Accounts for the majority of family income for nearly half of all beneficiaries and more than two-thirds of unmarried beneficiaries. DI accounts for 90 percent or more of income for one-fifth of beneficiaries, and one-third of unmarried beneficiaries.”

“While Social Security disability benefits are modest, they provide much-needed economic security and access to health care for individuals whose impairments are so severe that they cannot work. The Urban Institute brief shines a light on the realities of beneficiaries and their families,” Debra Shifrin, president of the NOSSCR said in a press release.

The UI study found that SSDI benefits “replace less than half of pre-disability earnings for 78 percent of beneficiaries, and less [than] three-quarters of pre-disability earnings for nearly all beneficiaries.” The study said that 44 percent of SSDI recipients are ages 31-49, and 125 percent of them live below the federal poverty line.

“Disability benefits are so low that they barely exceed federal poverty rates, and the people who get them are the neediest. More so, they are our neighbors trying to avoid abject poverty and homelessness while living with a severe impairment. It’s crucial that we support the program that helps American workers lead secure and dignified lives,” Shifrin said.

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