$19k Workers Compensation Fraud to be Repaid by Coshocton Woman

$19,231 plus $500 in investigation fees is how much Mary Cox will pay in restitution to the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation for her Workers’ Compensation fraud. The Coshocton, Ohio woman has pled guilty to fraud following an investigation that revealed that she had been working as a bartender while still receiving PTD (Permanent Total Disability) disability benefits from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation for a workplace injury.

In a courtroom in Franklin County, in a Common Pleas Court, Ms. Cox pled guilty to fifth degree felony charges.

PTD benefits are benefits that are awarded to individuals who are physically incapable of returning to any type of employment, according to Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Administrator Steve Buehrer.

Buehrer adds that “it is unfortuate [when people] attempt to take advantage of this benefit.” Especially since there are “those truly in need of PTD, [who] are often facing a difficult future after being … injured … having no prospect of returning to their livelihoods.”

The Special Investigation Department of BWC began looking into Mary Cox’s case following an allegation that Cox was working at a local Veterans Foreign Wars (VWF) post as a bartender all while still receiving her PTD benefits. Cox began receiving PTD benefits in 2006 and it was verified that she had been working at the VFW starting in December of 2008.

Since the judgement, she has made a payment of $6,000. Sentencing will occur on March 31st.

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